Kits para Plaqueamento em LEXSY

The LEXSY Plating Kits are optimized for high efficiency of clonal selection of LEXSY expression strains. The kits contain all components of the medium (Agar base, buffered liquid medium, heat-inactivated fetal calf serum, hemin & Pen-Strep stock solutions). The comfort kit contains in addition plating spatula, 90 mm petri dishes, serological pipettes and - for convenient plating and inducible clone selection - nitrocellulose membranes. The basic kit does not contain fetal calf serum which must be provided by the user.


For selection of recombinant LEXSY strains use our optimized LEXSY antibiotics:

  • Nourseothricin (NTC) the prime selection antibiotic for sat vectors
  • LEXSY Bleo for ble and blecherry vectors
  • LEXSY Hygro for hyg vectors
  • LEXSY Neo for neo vectors

Click here for an overview of available LEXSY antibiotics.