XP Screens - Screen de Cristalização Inteligente

Upgraded with the Anderson−Evans polyoxotungstate [TeW6O24]6− (TEW) as universal additive, the XP Screens promote protein crystallization even for most challenging targets and improve diffraction quality of protein crystals[1]. Its potential has been shown in the new protein structures of aurone synthase from Coreopsis grandiflora[2-4] (PDB code: 4Z12, 4Z13) and mushroom tyrosinase PPO4 from Agaricus bisporus[6,7] (PDB code: 4OUA). The model protein lysozyme crystallized into a new crystal form[5] (PDB code: 4PHI).
The XP Screens are TEW-optimized JBScreen Basics: 96 of the most prominent crystallization conditions complemented with TEW as "glue" for protein molecules.


• is highly soluble in aqueous solutions and stable over a wide pH range
• has a high negative charge that links positively charged protein surface regions, the electrostatic spacer effect prevents steric interference between protein molecules
• provides a valuable anomalous signal for phasing
• can act as linker in various orientations (pictured below) and even structurally adapt to fit into the protein molecule[3]
• is able to induce heterogeneous crystallization, e.g. two different protein forms in one single crystal[6]

Protein-protein bridging by TEW in different orientations
Image from [1], used by courtesy of Prof. Annette Rompel, University of Vienna, Austria



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