Nucleotídeos para Mutagênese Randômica

Table 1: Nucleotide selection guide for random mutagenesis approaches.

Taq: Thermus aquaticus; transition: exchange of purine for purine (A ↔ G) or pyrimidine for pyrimidine (C ↔ T); transversion: exchange of purine for pyrimidine or vice versa (C/T ↔ A/G).

NucleotideMethod of incorporationPrimary type of mutationPrimarily induced mutation(s)Reference
8-Oxo-dGTPPCR (Taq Pol)TransversionA:T → C:G and T:A → G:C[1]
Combination of Error Prone-PCR (Mn2+) and PCR (Taq Pol) with 8-Oxo-dGTPTransversion
A:T → T:A and A:T → C:G
A:T → G:C and G:C → A:T
dPTPPCR (Taq Pol)TransitionA:T → G:C and G:C → A:T[1]
8-Oxo-dGTP & dPTPPCR (Taq Pol)Transversion
Mixture of mutations induced by single nucleotides[1,3]
5Br-dUTPPCR (Taq Pol)Transversion
A:T → G:C
T:A → C:G
2OH-dATPPCR (Taq Pol)Transversion
A:T → C:G and G:C → T:A
A:T → G:C
dITPPCR (Taq Pol)TransitionA:T → G:C and G:C → A:T[6,7,8]


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